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Reach listeners with your commercial message when they are on the go and totally focused. Our podcasts NRC Haagse Zaken (about politics), NRC Onbehaarde Apen (about science) and NRC Vandaag (one news story, every workday) provide space for commercial messages.

We provide you with a suitable advertising spot in our podcasts. We jointly discuss the talking points you supply and transform them into a suitable, engaging advertising spot, performed by a voice actor (not host-read). The advertising position is at the beginning of the podcast.

If your commercial message is incorporated in our podcasts you will directly and effectively reach a primarily young, highly educated target group that listens consciously and attentively. Listeners play a podcast at times when they can totally focus. For example, while they are travelling or exercising. Moreover, your message will be communicated without any interruptions, because podcast listeners usually wear headphones and are not distracted by ambient noise. There's no alternative for getting your commercial message closer to your target group.

Please contact your account manager or our sales team at for more information.