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Print (Non-module Based)
NRC Weekdays offers you an advertisement spot in the morning paper, as well as the afternoon paper NRC Handelsblad. This combination makes advertising more powerful. and NRC Handelsblad appear on Monday till Friday and the papers consist out of three sections: News & Opinion, Culture and Economics (& Career) & Sport.

You can purchase space on a specific page in the front of the paper or in a specific section or editorial medium (rate for size x factor). You pay only a factor for the guaranteed page. Other advertising positions are available on request.

Voorpagina: factor 4
Pagina 2 of 3: factor 3
Pagina 4 t/m 7: factor 2
Voorpagina katern: factor 2
Positiegarantie in Economie: factor 1,5
Overige positiegarantie: factor 1,2

For more information, contact your account manager or reach us at

For all information about submitting material and our deadlines, please look at our advertisement specifications.