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Amsterdam and Rotterdam sections

Amsterdam and Rotterdam sections

Print (Non-module Based)
The 8-page Amsterdam and Rotterdam sections serve the residents of these metropolitan areas with high-quality reporting on topics of local interest. Readers are informed about not-to-be-missed events and activities and local listings. This section is included in the Saturday editions of NRC Weekend.

Please note: the rates differ per section. You can click on a specific size to see an overview of both of the rates. Please contact your account manager, or our sales team via for more information.

From July 4 till August 29, we will publish a smaller sized newspaper due to the summer period. Due to this there will be a summer stop on the Amsterdam and Rotterdam sections. It will not be possible to advertise in these sections during this period.

All advertising options and rates listed apply from 1 Januari 2020 and are based on full-colour publication exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise specified.

V - Full height and width
VL - Full width of the page, not full height
VS - Full height of the page, not full width
L - Landscape
BL - Landscape block
B - Block
BS - Portrait block
S - Portrait