It is all about customisation based on your objectives. We fully exploit our knowledge of the target group and the optimisation possibilities at our disposal, so that a strong and substantive connection is made with the relevant section of the NRC target group. We then create appealing content from a journalistic perspective and link it to a larger context (one that's relevant to the NRC reader). To this end, we have developed a unique and identifiable XTTR label that produces sponsored journalism in the familiar and reputable NRC style.

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• Tangible communication with high reach and engagement
• Excellent way of retaining attention and offering depth
• Storage and transfer function, and deployable within your own communication channels (members, customers, etc.)
Optional: online transfer of scrollable PDF

• Payment model based on quality view
• Continuous (real-time) optimisation of content, layout and promotion
• Own partner page within nrc.nl on which all content is visible
• Content remains findable online
• Social links that facilitate immediate sharing through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
General information
  • Price
    XTR is maatwerk - wij kijken wat mogelijk is voor het budget dat u heeft: Contact sales